Dale Bigham Ministries

June, 2019
When I retired, it was in my heart (I believe from the Lord) to help churches experiencing crises and in need of experienced pastoral leadership.  While there were a few inquiries, nothing materialized.  What was available (I believe from the Lord), was the opportunity for me and Janet to travel and preach in multiple churches.  So, for the last 3 ½ years, we have been blessed of the Lord to stay busy in the ministry He provided.  However, the desire to provide experienced pastoral leadership to churches in crises never left.  If anything, it became a greater burden.  With that desire and the leadership of the Lord, I was contacted by Pastor Clifton Mizer who asked if I would have any Sundays open and the financial means to fill the pulpit of Craig County Baptist Church in Vinita, Oklahoma. This church, because of few people and building debt, did not have the means to pay the expenses involved in such an endeavor.  Because of the generous financial provision of Arden Road Baptist, we had the means, and by the providential working of the Lord, we had three consecutive Sundays available in February.  During those three Sundays, our hearts were burdened for the church and a discussion began about the value of an interim pastor to assist them and our possible availability.  On Sunday, April 7th, we were able to be with the members of CCBC once more and they voted unanimously to ask us to serve as the interim pastor/pastors wife until we can get them through their present crises and assist in finding their future pastor.  We believe this to be the will of the Lord and have agreed to accept the position.  We will begin the second week of June.  While it is our desire that this process take no longer than necessary, our goal is that the church is stable from a spiritual and physical standpoint.  Therefore, the time frame for our being in Vinita is open.  CCBC has a handful of committed  people, a building that needs some very purposeful attention, and debt with a balloon note in January of 2020.  I do not know the Lord's will beyond this present opportunity, but Janet and I look forward to serving with the members of CCBC. We are trusting God to do a great work in this church family.


Dale and Janet Bigham

CCBC : Bigham
CCBC : Bigham

      Craig County Baptist Church;
                    Vinita, OK